AwStats in cPanel

The Awstats feature allows you to view traffic statistics from the Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) software, which compiles information about the visitors who access your website. AWStats is a tool in your cPanel that produces visual statistics about visitors to your website. The statistics report gives details about the number of visitors on your website and […]

Raw Access Logs

In cPanel you can use the Raw Access Logs feature to see the traffic to your website, before it is turned into a report by statistics software. This can be very useful when you need to see who is accessing your site quickly and knowing the type of requests your site is getting. This is […]

Address Importer in cPanel

This interface allows you to use two types of files to create multiple email addresses or forwarders for your account simultaneously. You may use Excel spreadsheet files (.xls) or comma-separated values sheet (CSV) files (.csv) to import data.   To Create the Import File Add a series of email addresses and passwords to your spreadsheet […]

Error Log in cPanel

The Error Log feature is used to view the details of the errors that may have occurred in your domain with or without your knowledge. The interface displays 300 of the most recent entries in Apache’s error logs, in reverse chronological order. What this means is when your site is visited by someone, the server […]

Optimize Website feature on cPanel

The Optimize Website feature is a feature that allows you to adjust the way Apache handles requests and speed up the performance of your site.  The feature allows you to configure your server to automatically compress specified types of content when visitors access that content. Apache will automatically compress content when that content is requested […]

How to install RubyGem on cPanel

RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language. It provides a self-contained format in which developers can distribute Ruby programs and libraries. For more information on RubyGems, read the RubyGems documentation. To install a Ruby Gem The Ruby Gem Installer feature allows you to search for, download and install a Ruby Gem. To search for and […]

Using the Legacy File Manager

This article is just to enlighten us on how to go about uploading, viewing, modifying and doing other necessary operations on our files and folders using the Legacy File Manager. As mentioned in our previous articles on Legacy File Manager, it is quite similar to the File Manager most people work with. The choice of […]

Navigating the Legacy File Manager on cPanel

In this article, we will be discussing briefly the basic features of the Legacy File Manager and the operations we can carry out on our files using this feature. Here, we assume that you are logged into your cPanel account and you have accessed the Legacy File Manager. If you do not know how to […]

Accessing the Legacy File Manager on cPanel

Legacy File Manager is another interface that allows cPanel users to access, view, edit, add and delete files on their cPanel account. It is a fast and simple way to navigate through your files. The Legacy File Manager interface offers file manipulation options in an older web-based interface. The Legacy File Manager is provided for legacy purposes […]

How to change database to UTF-8 in cPanel

Changing character encoding may not be necessary until one day you try to access your WordPress or even your blog and you are met with some funny looking and obviously unfamiliar characters like “Â â €™ ¢”. It is just some character encoding problems. It is no big issue as this can easily be solved […]

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