How to Create a New Database and User in cPanel: Cloudhost

Creating a database in cPanel using the MySQL Database wizard is the fastest and easiest way. Using the wizard, you can create both the database and a user for that database easily. I will quickly guide you through a two step process to create a database and also assign user(s).

Creating the database user

  1. Open Client Area and SignIn
  2. Locate the Databases icon from your main cPanel page and click on the MySQL Databases icon.
    mysql wizard
  3. You will be taken to the Wizard Page where you can choose a name for your new database. In this case, the new database will be newdb which has the cPanel username has its prefix “dnxwwppw“.


4. Type in the Username of the User you want to assign to the database and fill both Password and Password (Again) fields.  In this case, the Username is “Test”.



5.Click the Create User button to complete the database user creation.

6. Set Privileges for the just created user.screenshot-426

You can also choose to click the checkbox for ALL PRIVILEGES. Selecting individual privileges is a customization for advanced users.



Click the Make Changes button at the bottom to save the user and privileges to the database. You will be able to see the new user in the user list for each database they are assigned to when you return to Main Mysql Page.

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