Secure A Website

SSL certificates are very important in securing your Website, Applications, and Softwares, they secure communication of senitive data from your server/website, if your website is not secured, sensitive data that you pass from time to time such as customer data, credit cards, and other sensitive data, can be stolen in the process of transfering it. Contact us if you have question/require futher information 

Compare CloudHost's SSL Certificates

Features Basic Extended Validation(EV) Customized
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Supports 2048-bit, 128-bit, and 256-bit encryption yes yes yes
SSL v3/TLS Compatible yes yes yes
Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices yes yes yes
Strong authentication of domain ownership and organization identity Domain Ownership Domain Ownership and Organisation Identity yes
$100,000 warranty yes yes yes
Vulnerability Detection yes yes yes
Wild Card Capability no yes yes
Green Trustbar (EV) no yes yes
Microsoft Kernel-Code no yes yes
Object Code Signing yes yes yes
Validation Level Class 1/2/3 Extended Class1/2/3/Extended
How it looks see below see below Varies
Certificate Validity 1 years 2 years Varies
Provider StartCom StartCom Verisign/Comodo/Digicert/thawte
24/7/365 Phone & Helpdesk Support yes yes yes
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BasicSSL: BasicSSL
Extended Validation: EVSSL