Frequently Asked Questions

Does CloudHost accept payments in Nigerian Naira?

Yes, Both Online and offline methods of payments we accept.For Payment options supported please see here

Can i store my personal files in my webhost account?
No, please go though our term of service if you are unsure of what you can put in your account

Can i host more than one domain name on my account?
Yes, For Goldimage packages and above you can host as many domains as possible. Reseller can host unlimited domains.Check out more info about our plans and features

I keep getting server not found error any time i try to log in to my web hosting control panel?
Many a times, the connection used in browsing may not support all ports i.e your firewall my filter out traffic from specific ports our Control Panel uses port 2082 to communicate, hence if your firewall is configured to drop packets from this port, you will keep getting the that error.

what do I do?

  • Configure your firewall to accept packets from our specified port for the control panel.

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