What RubyGem Does and How to Install Using cPanel-Cloudhost

Ruby Gems is a package manager for Ruby Programming Language which has collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby.  You will need to install a Gem before you can use it inside a Ruby program.

1) On the interface,

  • you can view the path to your  RubyGems installations.
  • you can view the snippet you need to add to your  include path before your RubyGems Script will find the modules in your path.  “/home/username/ruby/gems” is an example.

2) To find the desired Ruby Gem on the Interface,

  • Enter a search term in the available text box and click Go.
  • Click Show Available Ruby Gem(s) to list available Ruby Gems.


3) Click Install next to the Ruby Gem that you wish to download and install.
4)To view a Ruby Gem’s documentation, click Show Docs for that Ruby Gem.
5)If you did not find the desired Ruby Gem, enter a new keyword in the Search text box and click Go.

6) Alternatively, if you already know the name of the package that you want to install, you can type the package name and then click Install Now.



7) You can also view Installed Packages.



To access RubyGem for your website:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Click the RubyGems icon in the section.
3. Now you will be redirected to the RubyGems Interface.

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