How to use Softaculous to Install WordPress or any other App on your cPanel.: Cloudhost

Softaculous is a tool within your cPanel that helps you to automate installations of application programs (either commercial or Open source) such as Magento, WordPress , Drupal, Website Baker, AbanteCart and many more to your website.
Softaculous has various software collections in categories like CMS, File management, E-Commerce, ERP, Cutomer Support, Forums, Micro-Blogs, Wikis and many more.  Using softaculous to install programs is just very easy and it is also a big time saver because it automates many of the tedious tasks involved with software installation.
In this article, you will be walked through how to install WordPress using Softaculous. Even though there are over 200 programs you can install with Softaculous, the installation procedure for each one follows the same basic steps.

To access  Softaculous Apps Installer for your website:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Click the Softaculous Apps Installer icon in the section.
 Screenshot (304)
3. Now you will be directed to the Softaculous Apps Installer Interface.
  • On this Interface, you can click on WordPress directly from the Listed Top Scripts or Search for it in the dialog box at the top of your page. (Note: the same goes if you want to install any other app)
  •  After the page loads, you can mouse over WordPress and three options will appear namely: Install, Demo, Overview.
  • Click on Overview to view details like (Ratings, Size of App, e.t.c) about the app your are about to install, in this case (WordPress).
  • On the Overview page, you can now choose install where you will be required to provide info about your website like Domain, Protocol , Site Settings, Admin Account, and some other Advanced Options.
  • All things being equal, you should get a success notification and redirected to WordPress Set Up Wizard.

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